Transport infrastructure rehabilitation in the Ungheni-Iasi cross-border area which aims at traffic streamline in the Sculeni border crossing point

The general objectiv of the project is the development of economic relations in the Iasi-Ungheni region by improving the transport infrastructure in the border area in order to facilitate the accessibility and transit of goods and persons at the border point Sculeni (RO) - Sculeni (MD).

Improving the ICT based communications capabilities in the North-East Romania - Republic of Moldova cross-border area

The project's objective is the development of 5 ICT based tools for cross-border connections, informations and integrated communication systems used in case of special situations and by supporting joint mechanism of strategic planning and intervention. In addition, the purpose of the project is to improve the electronic communications services for the population.

Hopeful links for health and care between Romania and Republic of Moldova

The project aims to improve the quality of life of the people from Iasi City and County from Romania and Orhei City and Rayon from Republic of Moldova, during 18 months through joint investments in health services and access to health in order to achieve new competences and instruments for great accuracy in diagnosis of health condition investigations and prevention in a modern manner in relation with local patients specificities and by facilitating the cooperation at local level of the medical and non-medical personnel working in hospitals, while ensuring the safety and security of the citizens in the two countries.

Good and accesible roads in Comarna, Iasi and Vasilcau, Soroca

The project aims to enhance the accessibility and the connectivity in the border area, specifically in Comarna and Vasilcau, through investments in transport infrastructure, through the extended facilities . The project also aims to increase the competences, abilities and skills possessed by the public administration personnel in specific strategic planning and project cycle management for investments projects domains, in an innovative manner, and in the fields of efficient management and capacity building.

History and Music – values that bring us together

The projects foresees the following activities: Orheiul Vechi historical museum complex restoration of 3 objects of vernacular architecture (houses / homes traditional peasant) from Butuceni and Morovaia village; rehabilitation George Enescu Memorial House from Liveni, Botosani County; promoting, developing and valorization of the cultural and historical heritage of the two sites through a joint promotion strategy, 2 virtual tour guides, 2 cultural thematic events, 2 promotion conferences and a joint Orheiul Vechi – Liveni touristic tour of history and music.

THE PAST HAS A NEW FUTURE - Cross-border cooperation for the valorisation of the cultural heritage in Galati, Romania and Hincesti, Republic of Moldova

The project's aim is to improve through extension or restoration works two cultural, historical and architectural monuments - House Gheorghiade - The Cultural Center "Lower Danube" Galati, Romania (extension) and the Steam Mill, Mereseni, Hincesti, Republic of Moldova (restoration) ; to promote the local cultural and historical heritage among residents and visitors in Galati and Hincesti regions; to establish a strategic vision for the sustainable valorisation and promotion of the local cultural and historical heritage in Galati and Hincesti regions.

Effective joint response in cross-border emergency situations

The project focuses on improving safety and protection of the population through ICT developed infrastructure and improving the communication flow between the structures that act in cross-border emergency situations.

The best chance of life for neonates-improving neonatal outcome in the Romania-Republic of Moldova border area

The project aims at: rehabilitating the newborns and pre-terms departments in IMSP IMC-MD in Republic of Moldova and endowment with equipment of SJU Vaslui-RO; enabling greater efficiency in providing health care through cross-border cooperation by participating in an experience exchange and a joint workshop sharing experiences and procedures and patient oriented care practices; conducting caravans to educate expectant/new mothers about preganancy health care, labor, birth , postpartum care and newborn care.

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