Increasing the protection of the population in emergency situations caused by natural disasters in the cross-border area

The main goal of the project is to limit the consequences of natural disasters by increasing the level of protection in emergency situations caused by natural disasters in the cross-border area.

Improving response time for emergency situations in the cross-border area by renovating and equipping the infrastructure necessary for training and effectively managing the population in the provision of first aid

The proposed action, which aims at establishing the common educational framework to prevent crisis situations in the case of natural and man-made disasters, will be achieved through a comprehensive program of actions, which will consist of: renovating and endowing with equipment, first aid training activities; afforestation campaign carried out in Romania and the Republic of Moldova; development of joint action plan for exceptional situations intervention during the 18 months of the project.

„Developing and implementing an common Emergency Situation Management System by Ivănești commune from Vaslui county and Bulboaca village from Anenii Noi district"

The project aims at increasing the efficiency of the management of emergency situations in Ivăneşti and Bulboaca through common actions of school population awareness and training of personnel of interest, as well as the purchase of first intervention equipment for endowment of the service responsible for reducing human and material damage caused by natural disasters or man-made.

Enhancing the tourist attractiveness by conservation of cultural and historical heritage

Conservation of historical heritage and promotion of local culture through the organization of annual cultural events with the participation of representatives from both sides of the Prut.

Cross-border Medical Consulting Center

The activities of the project foresee: improvement of medical assitance for population in a project area; improvement of quality of medical services delivered to the population of Moldova and Romania by creating and equipping a Medical Consulting Center in Cimislia; establishment of connections between Cimislia District Hospital and Pascani Municipal Hospital; organization of collaboration through telemedicine of medical specialists from Romania and Moldova (trainings, seminars, round tables talks, consultations and presentations of clinical cases).

Improving the reaction time for the prevention and elimination of floods within the cross-border area (Vaslui County, Romania; Chisinau, Hancesti, Criuleni, Dubasari, Anenii Noi, Straseni Districts, Republic of Moldova)

The project objective is to ensure the safety and security of the citizens in the cross border region of Romania (in particular Vaslui county) and the Republic of Moldova (Hancesti, Criuleni, Anenii Noi, Dubasari Districts) by addressing common challenges, providing joint activities for the prevention of natural disasters as well as joint actions during emergency situations.

Integrated Networks for Hazard Risk Management

Coordinated Cross-border activities aiming a sustainable cooperation on the awareness of natural hazards risks among professionals, local authorities and citizens during 2018-2020, based on an integrated State-of-Art on natural hazards occurrence and recurrence according to specific local typologies and hazard severity degree.

Strengthening the capacities of the Moldovan and Romanian Police in the field of crime prevention, including trans-border crimes

The project aims at providing a proactive police service to respond to the needs of citizens and the community in the rural and urban areas, in the cross-border area of the Republic of Moldova and Romania, through the implementation, within 18 months, of some new prevention tools; strengthening of the professional knowledge and skills of 40 employees during the period of 18 months in the field of crime prevention and other forms of crime; increase citizens' confidence in these structures.

Bridges for Increasing the Trust between the Police and the Citizens of Ialoveni County and Iasi County

The overall objective of the project is to increase the efficiency of both the Ialoveni County and Iasi County police units through development of the operating equipment and facilities of two County Police Inspectorates and improving of skills of 120 policemen from both sides of the border and, implicitly, strengthening their cooperation, for a period of 12 months. Infrastructure development of Romania-Moldovan police units will allow to make the maintain order process more effective, will enhance the capabilities of police units in decreasing of level of organized crime.

Increasing the professional capacities of staff involved in crowd and riot control operations in a cross-border context

The action will contribute at improving the reaction capacity in the field of crowd and riot control operations, effective prevention, monitoring and mitigation of the cross-border crime phenomenon.
There is a necessity to equip the personnel with materials and techniques necessary for the prevention and fighting the phenomenon of illegal migration, thus ensuring the protection of the eastern border of the European Union.

Intervention techniques and tactics standardization through joint preparation and training activities for the insurance of public order measures occurred during cross border public manifestations

The activities of the project, such as the realization of joint training exercises in the areas of competence of the partners, respectively the assurance and rehabilitation of the public order and the anti-terrorist intervention, come to support the specific priority of the Programme. The project will Improve the level of preparedness and intervention of personnel involved in ensuring and restoring public order, as well as in preventing and intervening in anti-terrorist actions.

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