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Lista proiectelor contractate în cadrul Programului Operațional Comun România-Republica Moldova

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Here are our traditions the past along future

The project activities consist of: organizing and development of the preserving and touristic promotion of the historical sites; gathering datas and information in order to have a complete data base; scanning and digitizing; site; festivals.

Cooperation for promoting traditional cultural activities in cross-border area

The project aims at: increasing the capacity to promote the traditional folkloric heritage and the development of the capacity for collaboration and extension of the possibilities of carrying out various activities in the field; increasing the capacity to promote traditional folklore to the public from the cross-border area Botosani county, Romania – Ungheni district, Republic of Moldova, by organizing 2 folk festivals, events with cross-border character.

CBC Heritage T.E.A.M.- Together everyone achieves more

The project aims at improving the touristic attractiveness at the border of the European Union in the area of Edinet (MD) - Botosani (RO), on the principles of competitiveness, cooperation and good neighborhood, with capitalizing cultural heritage for joint promotion strategies and common tourism products and services, until 2024.

Joint Network for Management of Cardiovascular Diseases in CBC region Romania-Moldova

CARDIOSCOPE aims to strengthen the management of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) pathologies in CBC region through the implementation of an integrated screening, monitoring and personalized therapy framework for population living in Iasi County and Ungheni County by the end of 2020 in order to improve prevention, detection and treatment of CVD’s.

Cross border access to healthcare through telemedicine and modern equipment

The overall goal of the project is to increase the quality of medical and social care and to improve the social health through home care offered in the Republic of Moldova and Romania by diversifying the health services offered to citizens on both sides of the border who do not have easy access to health services through the implementation a telemedicine system that will help better collaboration between the patient, assistant or caregiver and medical staff in the Republic of Moldova, as well as the psychological support provided by the partner in Romania. According to the official statistics, 8,3% of the medical assistance is granted at the patient home, and we want to increse this percentage to at least 9,5% n two years after the project implementation through the telemedicine platform and supporting aquisitions and activities.

Pathogens know no borders: improving the prevention, control and surveillance of nosocomial infections on both sides of the Prut River

The project aims at providing improved health condition and hospitalization outcome of the population by implementing new methods to prevent and control nosocomial infections thus reducing the reported number of nosocomial infections on both sides of the border at the end of the project.

RO MD Cross-Border Wine Tourism Cluster Development

Creating a cross-border cluster for promotion wine route tourism development using the principles of: inter-sectoral partnerships (business-science-education), supporting local culture of border regions of Romania and Moldova and preservation of historical heritage.

Through the creation of a cross-border “Wine Trail,” the AMBR project will build local capacity for tourism and economic opportunities related to the production and marketing of wine and the related infrastructures in Moldova and Romania. Through an initial assessment of the industry value and growth areas, exchanges of resources and best practices to maximize industry opportunities with a focus on rural community development and local culture promotion, and shared visibility and communication practices to expand tourism reach, the AMBR Wine Trail will be an investment in one of the oldest and most respected cultural products of the cross border Region.

Communication Infrastructure (COMINF)

The main activities to be financed are the following: building and operating a police centre in the Republic of Moldova; installing optical cable equipment on Iasi-Chisinev route; connecting the Police Departments in the Republic of Moldova and procurement of radio-IT equipment.

The CBC Romania-Moldova a safer area by improving the Mobile Emergency Service for Resuscitation and Extrication (SMURD) operating infrastructure, by increasing the level of training and maintaining the capacity of professional personnel to intervene in e

The following activities will be financed within the project: building a training facility (polygon) for the emergency interventions staff in both countries, building 7 helicopter landing platforms – 3 in Romania (Iasi, Galati, Botosani sau Vaslui), and 4 inthe Republic of Moldova (Chisinev – 2, Bălţi - 1, Cahul - 1), building 2emergency care units (Chisinev and Balti in the Republic of Moldova) and procurement of intervention vehicles. The project will be implemented by the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations in Romania, General Inspectorate of Aviation and the Ministry of Health in Romania, together with the Moldovan partners, i.e. the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection and the Institute of Emergency Medicine.

Regional cooperation for prevention and combating trans-border criminality in Romania and Moldova (THOR)

The main activities to be financed are as follows: increase of security at the Eastern border of the European Union, by rehabilitating the police stations at the border, procurement of equipment and training of the police staff.

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