Managing Authority (MA)

Ministry of Development, Public Works, and Administration

14 Libertatii Avenue, 040129 Bucharest 5

Head of the Managing Authority

Ms. Iulia HERTZOG, General Director

General Directorate for European Territorial Cooperation

Contact person: Ms. Daniela SURDEANU (communication officer)
Phone: +4 0372111332
Fax: +40 372111456

Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC)

Please contact the JTS

Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS) in Romania

CBC Regional Office Iasi
Dimitrie Ralet Street, no 2A, Iasi, 700108, Iaşi, România
Phone: +4 0372 444 884
Fax: +4 0372 444 880

Head of JTS: Ms. Fulga TURCU

Contact person: Ms. Silvia Prichici (communication officer)

Republic of Moldova

National Authority: Ministry of Finance

Address: 7 Constantin Tanase Street, MD-2005, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Representative: Ms. Iulia Ciumac, Head of Foreign Assistance Department

Contact persons:
Ms. Natalia Caraus, Head, Regional Cooperation Division, Foreign Assistance Department

Ms. Aurelia Ciornei, Lead Consultant, Regional Cooperation Division, Foreign Assistance Department


Phone:   +373 22 262 688;    +373 22 262 704

Branch Office for the Joint Technical Secretariat

Office for External Assistance Programs Management

Address: 57/1 Mitropolit Gavriil Banulescu-Bodoni street, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Natalia Carauș  - Team leader

Marina Preteca-Neaga - Expert


Phone: +373 76778347 / +373 22233045

Control Contact Point (Romania)

Ministry of Public Works, Development and Administration
First Level Control Department

Address: Bulevardul Libertăţii nr. 14
040129 Bucureşti, sector 5



Control Contact Point (Republic of Moldova)

Ministry of Finance
Financial Policies Department

Responsible person: Ana Litocenco
Address: 7 Constantin Tănase, str., Chişinău, MD-2005, Republic of Moldova

Phone: +373 22 262 910

Contact Managing Authority (MA)

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