Joint Network for Management of Cardiovascular Diseases in CBC region Romania-Moldova

CARDIOSCOPE aims to strengthen the management of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) pathologies in CBC region through the implementation of an integrated screening, monitoring and personalized therapy framework for population living in Iasi County and Ungheni County by the end of 2020 in order to improve prevention, detection and treatment of CVD’s.

CARDIOSCOPE project supports the development of improved CVD’s services that will better respond to patient needs with direct impact over the health status of population living in the CBC region. Project actions will determine an improved management of cardiovascular diseases in cross-border region Romania-Moldova and will increase population access to primary care services as well as to annual screening program.

CARDIOSCOPE develops a screening pilot program aiming to investigate at least 1000 persons in CBC region based on a specific CVD’s risk assessment methodology. Based on medical statistical data and considering the historical data in medical practice we estimate that at least 30% of investigated population will be identified with CVD pathology (incipient or medium) and 40% confronting with the risk to develop a cardiovascular disease.

CARDISCOPE designs a set of medical protocols and a primary care service model for cardiovascular diseases management that firstly will improve health conditions of citizens, being more productive and longer active on labor market. At the same time, it contributes to healthcare costs cut-off because it implements a integrated set of screening and monitoring actions that reduces the risks for CVD’s – prevention, early diagnosis and treatment.

Prevention activities as well as educational actions scope is to raise awareness of populations regarding the most harmful habits and behaviors (smoking, fats, bad alimentation) effects on health status and especially their correlation with the possibility to develop a cardiovascular disease.

CARDIOSCOPE is establishing a joint cross-border network that will scale up project actions (medical protocols, screening and monitoring program, training program, prevention and early detection best practices) assuring durability, transferability and replicability of project outputs in other CBC regions.

Moreover project is setting up a pool of knowledge and medical expertise that can valorized by medical personnel from other areas/hospitals/care units either as best practice or as transfer of know-how – knowledge diffusion.

Project start date: 19.02.2020
Project end date: 19.05.2021
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