Priority 2
Social Development across Borders

37,305,597 Euro

A greener low-carbon Europe

Specific objective

Improving equal access to inclusive and quality services in education, training and lifelong learning through developing accessible infrastructure, including by fostering resilience for distance and on-line education and training

9,948,157 Euro

Construction/rehabilitation/modernisation of education infrastructure;

Equipment endowment of education institutions (schools, universities, libraries)

Development of joint educational tools, e-solutions, programs, networks;

Joint actions in the field of education

(strategies, trainings, workshops, exchange of experience etc.).

Specific objective

Ensuring equal access to health care and fostering resilience of health systems, including primary care, and promoting the transition from institutional to family-based and community- based care

16,328,209 Euro

Construction/rehabilitation/modernisation of health infrastructure (including improved accessibility to health infrastructure); medical assistance for disadvantaged groups, palliative services;

Equipment endowment

(including IT, digitalization, mobile assets, emergency situation equipment);

Joint trainings/procedures/exchange of experience;

Awareness campaigns.

Specific objective

Enhancing the role of culture and sustainable tourism in economic development, social inclusion and social innovation

11,029,231 Euro

Rehabilitation/preservation/restoration and endowment of cultural heritage;

Rehabilitation of infrastructure related to cultural heritage sites

(including improved accessibility to cultural sites);

Promotion and accessibility of cultural heritage

(promotion campaigns, cultural events etc.);

Designing and promoting tourism related innovative products and tools

(including digital platforms);

Promoting cultural heritage sites and including them in cross border tourism networks and chains;

Joint campaigns, publications, studies, strategies to improve cross border tourism potential;

Exchange of knowledge and best practices in the field of maintenance and revitalization of areas and sites of cultural heritage that increase the attractiveness and tourist potential;

Establishment of common networks in the field of tourism and culture.

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