Cross-border cooperation is a key European Union (EU) instrument that strengthens cooperation between regions and countries within the European Union and its external bordering countries and regions. Romania and the Republic of Moldova develop joint projects supported with EU funds, under Interreg NEXT Romania-Republic of Moldova Programme. Projects address current challenges like climate change, digital transformation, and social inclusion, to the benefit of the local communities.
In order to better shape the future cooperation programmes and the European Union support, a wide consultation process is taking place in all EU member and candidate states, as well as EU neighbouring countries.
To this end, the Managing Authority of Interreg NEXT Romania-Republic of Moldova Programme (Ministry of Development, Public Works and Administration in Romania) launches the current survey in order to facilitate a debate and provide a tool for you to express your expectations regarding the EU support in your region. You have now the chance to state what you consider it worked well, what could be improved and how you would like to see cross-border cooperation in the future.
The survey addresses those already involved in cooperation projects or activating in the field of European Union funded projects, and people living in the border regions or regions benefitting of the cross-border investments. Filling in the survey will take approximately 10 minutes, depending on the complexity of your answers.
We would kindly appreciate your answers by 31st of July, 2024.

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