1.4 million Euro contracts signed during the pandemic

Considering the present COVID-19 spread and the restrictions in force in both partner countries, the Managing Authority of Romania-Republic of Moldova Joint Operational Programme has taken several measures both for the continuation of the contracting process, as well as for projects’ implementation. Therefore, the Managing Authority submitted to the Monitoring Committee’s approval for the beneficiaries having projects under contracting to be allowed to submit on-line the requested documents, while the original documents may be submitted after the movement restrictions are lifted, issue foreseen by new contractual clauses, adapted to the present situation.

Within Romania-Republic of Moldova Joint Operational Programme, 9 financing contracts have been signed in the months of March and April 2020, amounting 1,405,653 euro, out of which 1,261,733 euro being ENI (European Neighbourhood Instrument) funds.

As no training sessions can be organised, according to the initial planning, in the following period, the new beneficiaries of financing will receive detailed information materials from the programme management structures, regarding project implementation and will be able to ask for clarifications on-line.

Furthermore, in order to continue and facilitate the ongoing evaluation process, the Management Authority asked for the approval of the Monitoring Committee to extend the applicants’ clarifications deadlines, as well as to submit documents on-line only.

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