Intervention techniques and tactics standardization through joint preparation and training activities for the insurance of public order measures occurred during cross border public manifestations

The activities of the project, such as the realization of joint training exercises in the areas of competence of the partners, respectively the assurance and rehabilitation of the public order and the anti-terrorist intervention, come to support the specific priority of the Programme. The project will Improve the level of preparedness and intervention of personnel involved in ensuring and restoring public order, as well as in preventing and intervening in anti-terrorist actions.

Project start date: 03.09.2020
Project end date: 03.03.2022
The socio - economic potential of Galati-Cahul border region will be evaluated and the needs of the local population regarding the economic activities and sustainable use of aquatic resources in protected areas will be reassessed.
The project partnership will enhance the institutional capacity of ICDEAPA and its partners for applied research aiming to capitalize the cross-border potential of aquatic resources in a sustainable manner in the Lower Meadow Prut area.