5 Oct 2018

241 projects submitted under the Joint Operational Program Romania-Moldova 2014-2020

Under the Joint Romania-Moldova Operational Program 2014-2020 241 projects were submitted. Of these, 162 projects are SOFT and 79 projects target HARD projects call.

Under the Joint Romania-Moldova Operational Program 2014-2020, for which MDRAP is Managing Authority, two calls for projects, SOFT (projects that do not have an infrastructure component or the value of this component is less than 1 million euro) and HARD (projects with an infrastructure component of at least EUR 1 million) which registered 241 applications for funding. The submitted projects represent partnerships between eligible beneficiaries in Romania (Botosani, Iasi, Vaslui or Galati counties) and the Republic of Moldova.

Of all the submitted projects, 162 concern the funds allocated to the SOFT project call, and 79 projects request funding for HARD investments.

SOFT-type projects address the fields of education, research and innovation, the promotion and preservation of heritage and the development of cross-border infrastructure. Projects have also been submitted for funding for the development of health services, the prevention of natural disasters and the fight against organized crime and police co-operation.

HARD projects address investments in the field of promoting and preserving patrimony, cross-border infrastructure and health.

The submission of project proposals was done through the electronic system dedicated to the operational program. The budget allocated by the European Union to this program is 81 million euros.

The projects submitted are at the stage of administrative verification and eligibility, and only technical and financial projects that meet the administrative and eligibility criteria will be assessed.

Information on the procedure applied in the evaluation and contracting process can be found on the website dedicated to the Joint Operational Program Romania-Moldova 2014-2020, www.ro-md.net

The Joint Operational Program Romania-Moldova 2014-2020 is funded by the European Union through the European Neighborhood Instrument and addresses the area at the border between Romania and the Republic of Moldova. The Union’s financial allocation is € 81 million.